Uber Mission Statement & Vision Statement: An Analysis

uber mission statement

Uber’s mission statement is “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”

the vision statement of uber is “transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone.”

Uber is an American company that revolutionized the transportation industry. Without owning a single vehicle, it has been the world’s largest transportation company. This is the power of the idea that makes it happen.

Uber technologies inc, commonly known as uber, is very popular worldwide for its services. Its services include vehicles for hire, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation. The company was founded in 2009 and has operations in over 900 metropolitan areas all over the world.

Uber is based in San Francisco. It has 70 million users worldwide. According to the report, Uber has 67% of us ride-sharing market and 24% of food delivery. It has revolutionized the industry called uberisation.

It has been considered a cost-saving platform that helped car owners to take passengers to the same destination without riding in an empty car. It is also been criticized for traffic congestion in the cities.

Founded: 2009

Founder: garret camp, Travis kalanick

Headquarters: San Fransisco, California, United States of America

Type: public

Website: www.uber.com

Uber mission statement

Uber’s mission statement is “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”

Uber mission statement analysis:

Uber’s mission statement is one of the finest statements with insight and a deep message. This is very short but precise. If we analyze the Uber mission statement, we get the following things-

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Creating opportunity: Uber is creating opportunities for both riders and drivers. It is creating jobs for drivers to earn money, empty seats to be shared to the same destinations, it is saving costs from the side of the riders.

Uber is helping worldwide millions of people to be financially independent by creating job opportunities, especially, in third-world countries. At the same time, it created an opportunity to earn extra money who owns a car or have a partner to have a conversation and gossip to go to the same destination.

Trusted transportation worldwide: it is very important to have security to share a ride. Uber has ensured that for its riders over the world. Uber is not only one operating in developed countries like the united states, but it is also operating in developing and under-developing counties too. It ensured verified drivers and its customer rating system help Uber to improve its service.

Importance of motion: To be in motion is the core thing to go ahead. If the world gets stuck, we will lag behind. Uber is trying to keep the world in motion means nobody is lagging behind and wasting time going to a destination because of traffic jams and vehicle crises. The word “motion” is super important to keep the world at pace. The pace of anything is significant for its progress.

Uber vision statement

vision statement of uber is “transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone.”

Vision statement analysis

If we read between the lines of the vision statement, we will get a few core points. Such as-

  • Reliable transportation
  • Transportation in everywhere
  • Transportation for everyone
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Reliable transportation: uber wants to build itself as the most reliable transport all over the world. Reliable for its service, security, and cost.

Transportation everywhere: uber envisions a world where transportation will be available everywhere to help people moving one place to another. It will ease the movement of people and at the same time will ensure economic development.

Transportation for everyone: uber’s vision is to ensure transportation facilities for everyone worldwide from san Fransisco to Africa everywhere. No people will be excluded from having the opportunity of low-cost carriers.

Uber core values

The following values Uber holds over the organizational culture-

  • We build globally, we live locally
  • We are customer-obsessed
  • We celebrate differences
  • We do the right things
  • We act like owners
  • We persevere
  • We value ideas for hierarchy
  • We make big bold bets

The above values uber try to implement over the organizational culture and by successfully installing such values uber has already been named for itself.

Uber Employee Alignment

According to the survey, the following insights we got about Uber-

  • 60% of the employees are motivated by uber mission, vision, and values
  • 10% of the employees think “company mission” is the most important thing about their work
  • 27% of employees say that the company mission is the main reason to stay at uber
  • 7% feel most loyal to uber mission and vision
  • 95% of the employees are proud of uber
  • 89% of the employees think that their company goal is clear

Uber Business Model

Uber’s business model is pretty amazing. Uber does not own any cars or vehicles. It partners with car owners(driver) and customers(riders)

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Uber has partnered with drivers and riders under some terms and conditions

Uber has two apps. One is for drivers and another one is for riders

Drivers registered to uber for providing services and riders installed apps for taking services.

Whenever any rider needs a vehicle, he/she call for vehicles over apps and drivers get that notification.

Uber revenue: uber charge 20-25% commission for every rides from their partners (riders)

Uber surging prices: during rainfall or other climate conditions, uber applies surging prices to match supply and demand

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