Charles Schwab Mission Statement & Vision Statement

Charles Schwab is a financial services company that provides brokerage, banking, and other financial services to individual investors. It offers access to over 200 mutual funds, ETFs, and annuities for free with no account minimum. This allows clients to invest in stocks without paying any commission fees or transaction costs. Charles Schwab also offers retirement planning advice through its Retirement Planner Tool which helps people calculate how much they’ll need in order to have the lifestyle they want after retirement. 

The company was founded by “Charles R. Schwab” back in 1971 when he wanted to give people more control of their finances because he found it frustrating watching his friends get taken advantage of by brokers who were charging too many fees for low-quality service. 

Charles Schwab Mission Statement

The mission statement of Charles Schwab is “to champion every client’s goals with passion and integrity”

Charles Schwab Mission Statement

The Vision of Charles Schwab is “Financial services can be complicated. At Charles Schwab, we’re trying to fix that. We have a history of challenging the status quo and innovating in ways that help individuals create a better tomorrow.”

Charles Schwab Motto Statement

The motto or Tagline or Slogan of Charles Schwab is “Own Your Tomorrow

Charles Schwab Values

The values of Charles Schwab is as follows-

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • stewards 

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