ExxonMobil Mission & Vision Statement 2023

ExxonMobil Mission Statement

ExxonMobil is an American multinational oil and gas corporation that was founded in 1999. ExxonMobil’s headquarters are located in Irving, Texas. The company has operations in more than 200 countries around the world. In 2021, ExxonMobil ranked as the 10th largest public company by market capitalization globally. 

ExxonMobil offers a variety of products to meet its customers’ needs including fuels for transportation, lubricants for industrial equipment, natural gas for heating homes and businesses, chemicals used to manufacture consumer goods such as plastics or detergents, agricultural fertilizers which improve crop yields so farmers can feed their families better while protecting the environment.

ExxonMobil Mission Statement

The mission of ExxonMobil is “to provide quality chemical products and services in the most efficient and responsible manner to generate outstanding customer and shareholder value while remaining committed to the principles of sustainable development.

ExxonMobil Vision Statement

The vision of ExxonMobil is, ” Exxon Mobil Corporation is committed to being the world’s premier petroleum and chemical manufacturing company. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior financial and operating results while adhering to high ethical standards.

ExxonMobil Values

The values of ExxonMobil are,  “work flexibility, safety, and security, recognizing human rights, integrity and diversity, and inclusion.”

ExxonMobil Motto

The motto of ExxonMobil is “Put a tiger in your tank.

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