FedEx Corporation’s Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

fedex mission statement

Federal Express Corporation, commonly known as FedEx, has established in 1971 intending to be a provider of logistics, transportation, and related services.

Though it was not started its business as an express delivery company, FedEx had initially picked up cheques from the Federal Reserve Bank.

Gradually, FedEx has become the world’s largest shipping company with the highest market shares in the industry.

But the purpose of the company was very clear from the beginning – to become a powerhouse that is going to connect the business and customer with the world.

In this article, we will analyze every part of the mission and vision statement of the company, core values, and commonly searched questions regarding the mission and vision of FedEx.

FedEx Corporation Mission Statement

The mission statement of FedEx is, “FedEx Corporation will produce superior financial returns for its shareowners by providing high-value-added logistics, transports, and related business through focused operating companies.”

The components of the mission statement outline the company’s attributes, goals, and operations. In this mission statement FedEx highlights the following features of the company:

  1. Make a profit for the stakeholders
  2. High-value added service

Make a profit for the stakeholders: FedEx has been very straightforward about what they are doing. The company is committed to making a profit for itself and its stakeholder. Profitable in terms of providing value-added products, and impactful services. FedEx family has a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business service. Based on the goals, FedEx makes strategic plans to enhance the ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) by up to 200 basis points, and the growth rate will be 14-19% by 2025.

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High-value-added service: FedEx has been operating in over 200 countries that connect 99% of gross domestic products around the world. The services are multi-faced and highly value-adding. They offer business-viable air routes at a minimum hassle through FedEx delivery express. FedEx Ground Service works directly with the customer and delivers day-to-day packages in cities. FedEx Freight meets time-sensitive delivery, and FedEx service supports businesses with technology and information. Three other segments serve different areas of logistics and transport that create value in multiple aspects.

FedEx Corporation Vision Statement

 The vision statement of FedEx is, “A dynamic and progressive courier service firm that leverages technologies and impacts the lives of all people.”

 The vision statement entitles the company image in the long run. To become a sustainable brand name in the delivery and its related industry, FedEx embraces the vision of impacting lives with better technology. If we break down the statement, we find the following features of its vision:

  1. Dynamic in nature
  2. Avail technological advantages
  3. Deliver impactful service

Dynamic in nature: FedEx has a diversified business portfolio. Different location requires different working conditions. Operational strategies are also dynamic in nature. In FY22, FedEx has sprawled in more than 220 countries with its 550000 employees.

Avail technological advantages: ‘Deliver today, innovate for tomorrow’ – FedEx works with this point of view. FedEx is looking forward to being more digital by embracing cutting-edge technology. The aim is to gain economies of scale, service innovation, and deliver more sustainable solutions. Part of this vision is developing AI-based assistance, robotics, and drone delivery service.

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Deliver impactful service: FedEx helps people, businesses, and communities to connect and to grow economically. The vision statement says that FedEx wants to impact on lives of all people, and it persistently follows the words. During the pandemic, The company delivered products, accelerated contactless transportation, and helped the economy to keep pace.

Core values of FedEx Corporation

FedEx has built the corporation based on its core values. To attain a rewarding relationship through collaboration is highly practiced in FedEx. They equally support the suppliers, customers, and partners by maintaining ethical standards.

 The core values of FedEx Corporation are

  • Innovation
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity


What is the philosophy of FedEx Corporation?

FedEx Corporation has built upon three pillars – People, service, and profit. These are the basic philosophy to achieve the goals of the company.

What is the slogan of FedEx?

The slogan of FedEx is, ‘When it’s absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.’

Does FedEx change its mission statement over time?

FedEx never changes its mission statement, yet it makes adjustments to its goals and services to attain the mission.

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