Dell Mission, Vision, Motto & Values Statement 2023

dell mission vision motto values

Dell is an American multinational computer technology company that was founded in 1984. The company produces personal computers, tablet computers, and servers for businesses. Dell also provides IT services to corporate clients including consulting, support solutions, and data storage. 

Dell’s headquarters are located in Round Rock, Texas. Dell employs more than 165K people worldwide with a revenue of $94 billion in 2021.

In this blog, I will state the mission, Vision, Motto and Values of Dell Technologies. Read till the end

Dell Mission Statement

Dell Clearly States in its website about us page that The mission or purpose of Dell is “We create technologies that drive human progress.”

Dell Vision Statement

Dell also describes precisely on its official website the vision of the company. It states the vision as Delivering a better tomorrow

Dell Slogan

The tagline or slogan or motto of Dell is The power to do more.

Dell’s Values

Dell emphasizes the following things. The values of Dell is as follows.

  • Customers
  • Winning Together
  • Innovation
  • Results
  • Integrity

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