Sun Country Airlines Mission Statement & Vision Statement (Analysis)

Sun Country Airlines mission statement

The American airline industry accelerated ultra-low-cost airline service in 1970. Sun Country Airlines emerged in 1982 and has spread its operation on more than 100 passenger routes across 81 destinations in the United States.

Currently, Sun Country Airlines is the eleventh largest airline service. This company emphasizes achieving its goal by pursuing its mission, vision, and core values.

Mission Statement of Sun Country Airlines

The mission statement of Sun Country Airlines is, ” Sun Country Airlines is a new breed of hybrid low-cost air carrier that dynamically deploys shared resources across our synergistic scheduled service, charter, and cargo businesses. Based in Minnesota, we focus on serving leisure and visiting friends and relatives (“VFR”) passengers and charter customers and providing CMI service to Amazon, with flights throughout the United States and to destinations in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.”

Sun Country Airlines has a distinct mission statement that has described the following aspects of the company.

  1. Low-cost air carrier
  2. Target audience
  3. Cargo and charter service

Low-cost air carrier: Sun Country Airlines is known as a new breed of hybrid low-cost air carrier.

To provide low-cost service, Sun Country Airlines stretches its resources with diversified services, specifically in scheduled service, charter, and cargo business. Dynamic services maximize their productivity and resources and yield a high-profit margin.

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Target audience: The company aims to connect passengers with their desired place and people at a reasonably low price.

Sun Country Airlines specifies its service for those who go for a holiday, take leisure trips with friends, and visit relatives.

The target audience is VFR (Visiting friends and relatives). They especially focus on serving leisure airline travel.

Cargo and charter service: To maximize profit margins and reduce the seasonality of the route network, Sun Country Airlines combines resources such as flight crews with its scheduled service, charter, and cargo business lines.

Sun Country Airlines has provided CMI (a cargo service by the airline company that provides crew, maintenance, and insurance) to Amazon. This service is specified for particular areas; The US, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Vision Statement of Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines believes in supple business operations. Its flexible business model assists in generating a high-profit margin with minimum resources and costs.

The vision statement of Sun Country Airlines is, ” A New Breed of Hybrid Low-Cost Carrier. “

 Let’s dive into the breakdown of its vision statement.

A new breed airline company: Sun Country Airlines portrays itself as the new breed in the aviation industry.

Diversified revenue streams, flexible business models, and synergistic resource allocation allow the company to become a new breed of airline service.

Alongside the scheduled flights, Sun Country Airlines has cargo flights for Amazon and charter flights.

Hybrid Low-cost carrier: Sun Country Airlines operates as a hybrid low-cost carrier. The vision of the company is to utilize plenty of resources and provide low-cost services to the target audience.

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The objective is to provide a service for leisure travelers that allow making a good amount of return on investment and enables them to run a charter operation.

The carter strategy helps to land up to 300+ airports annually. They also have a cargo service for Amazon. Sun Country provides cargo jets service on the behalf of Amazon for a specific region.

Core values of Sun Country Airlines

The official website doesn’t show any core values of Sun Country Airlines. Yet the company profile and overview allow for determining some values of the company. These are:

  1. Resource optimization
  2. Safe and secure service
  3. Flexible
  4. Resilience
  5. Follow ethical codes


What is the purpose of Sun Country Airlines?

The purpose of Sun Country Airlines is to optimize resources to provide airline service at an affordable price.

Does Sun Country Airlines change its mission and vision over time?

No, it didn’t. However, Sun Country Airlines modified its business goal to be more resilient to the economic downturn during the pandemic.

What is the objective of Sun Country Airlines?

The objective of Sun Country Airlines is to gain high returns and margins and alleviate the seasonality of its route network.

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