Air New Zealand Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

Air New Zealand Mission statement

The flagship carrier of New Zealand, Air New Zealand, commenced operation 57 years ago with an aim to connect New Zealand to other countries of the world. The company currently operates 20 scheduled passenger flights and 30 international flights in 18 countries. Air New Zealand upholds its brand image as strength, resilience, and tenacity. Aligned with the mission and vision of the company. Air New Zealand creates its brand image. Koru, a symbol of new life, renewal, and hope for the future, portrays the image of the company.

In this article, we will analyze the mission, vision, and core values of Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand Mission Statement

The mission statement of Air New Zealand is “Enrich our country by connecting New Zealanders to each other and New Zealand to the world.”

Companies communicate their purpose and activities through their mission statement of the company. In this mission statement, some key components depict what the company stands for. These are:

  1. Domestic Growth
  2. Connecting to the world

Domestic Growth: Air New Zealand stated in its mission statement that they want to enrich its home country through its business. This purpose drives them to develop resilient core domestic business. Connecting 20 destinations by air transport and cargo accelerates the country’s economy. People enjoy safe and secure transport facilities that enhance the credibility of the company. Domestic growth not only adds value to the economy but also works as a competitive advantage for the company.

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Connecting to the world: The mission statement mentioned that Air New Zealand desires to be connected to the world. They have strategies to achieve their mission. The pacific Rim strategy outlines a strong alliance through direct flights with the major pacific rim partner countries. This allows easy access to the international market (the United States, Hong Kong, China, etc.) Hassle-free travel opportunity enables to grow connectivity. And this is the ultimate goal of Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand Vision Statement

The vision statement of Air New Zealand is ” We believe our success comes from helping New Zealanders succeed and thrive at home and around the world.”

The mission and vision of the company are quite similar. The vision statement illustrates the core beliefs and the long-term plan of the company. Let’s analyze the components of the vision statement of Air New Zealand.

Customer-centric attitude: Air New Zealand believes its service can help New Zealanders as a means of countries betterment. By delivering seamless service, Air New Zealand boosts connectivity in the homeland as well as around the globe. They consistently work for top-notch service and are committed to providing high-standard service for the customers. As a symbol of brand image, Air New Zealand comes up with its unique badge ‘koru’ that symbolizes the love for both the passengers and the country.

Grow as a whole: Air New Zealand has the vision to grow the business and the economy of the country as a whole. They believe the success of the company will greatly impact the welfare of New Zealanders. To grow more, Air New Zealand follows some strategies:

  1. Focused on sustainable cost improvements.
  2. Publicly relevant Corporate and social responsibilities.
  3. Disciplined approach to capital allocation.
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Core values of Air New Zealand

Company philosophy builds upon the core values. Air New Zealand has the following core values:

  1. Inspiring Leadership
  2. Innovative approaches
  3. Kiwi – can do customer service
  4. Powerful brand
  5. Strong corporate values
  6. A passionate ambassador for New Zealand.


Does Air New Zealand follow its mission and vision statements?

Yes, Air New Zealand follows its mission and vision statement from its origin.

Does Air New Zealand change its mission and vision over time?

Air New Zealand never changes its mission and vision over time.

What is the slogan of Air New Zealand?

The slogan of Air New Zealand is ‘The world’s warmest welcome.’

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