Singapore Airlines Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

singapore airlines mission statement

Since its founding in 1972, Singapore Airlines has advanced from being a local brand to a global company. Now, it’s an internationally respected travel brand.

It is the 1st ranked airline in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It has one of the youngest fleets in the world, comprising technologically advanced and fuel-efficient models to reduce its carbon emissions.

The Singapore Airlines mission and vision statement analysis will give you an insight into this famous company’s goals.

Singapore Airlines Mission Statement Analysis

Singapore Airlines is committed to survival, growth, and profitability. The mission statement of Singapore Airlines is, “Singapore Airlines is a global company dedicated to providing air transportation services of the highest quality and to maximizing returns for the benefit of its shareholders and employees.”

From Singapore Airlines Mission statement, we can clearly notice the three main key points of the airline are-

  1. Global Existence
  2. Highest Quality Air Transportation Service
  3. Maximizing Returns

Global Existence:

Starting off as a random local airline company Singapore Airlines is now one of the world’s most respected travel brands.

It has around 100 flight destinations in 36 countries. Due to this, it has become one of the world’s leading carriers with an advanced fleet of aircraft.

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Highest Quality Air Transportation Service:

The leading service of Singapore Airlines is to provide the highest quality air transportation service to passengers.

However, it also consists of other related services like cargo air transportation, training of pilots, tour wholesaling, etc.

Maximizing Returns:

Singapore Airlines has taken several initiatives to ensure the healthy lifestyle and well-being of its employees.

It holds workshops, sports activities, and other workplace health initiatives for the betterment of its employees.

It aims to create shareholder value by maximizing returns for long-term profitability. Singapore Airlines strives for fairness in its business and working relationships.

Singapore Airlines Vision Statement Analysis

The vision statement of Singapore Airlines is, “Singapore Airlines has a responsibility not only to be an excellent company but also to be an excellent citizen of the world by enhancing the lives of the people we touch. With that aim in mind, we have made many commitments to the arts and education, to our communities, and to the health and welfare of our country’s citizens, and those in countries we fly to. With this goal in mind, we’ve also made a strong commitment to preserving the environment – and our world for future generations.”

So, the core features of Singapore Airlines Vision Statement are three-

  1. Enhancing lives
  2. Contributing to Communities
  3. Preserving the Environment

Enhancing Lives:

The lives of employees and customers matter the most to Singapore Airlines. It goes the extra mile to exceed the customers’ expectations.

It was the first airline to offer free headsets, a choice of meals, and free drinks in Economy Class, the first to introduce satellite-based in-flight telephones, and the first to involve a comprehensive panel of world-renowned chefs for inflight meals for the benefit of the customers.

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Singapore Airlines values its staff and cares for their well-being by treating them with proper respect and dignity. It provides them with appropriate training and development to lead fulfilling careers.

It also conducts helpful evidence-based training for pilots, training courses for all cabin crew, and offers crew rest facilities for the crew on duty. It maintains and adopts practices that promote the safety of its customers and staff.

Contributing to Communities:

Singapore Airlines forges meaningful, stronger relationships with its stakeholders. It provides scholarships and sponsorships for education, arts, and sports.

It also supports community groups through corporate donations, ticket sponsorships, and staff volunteerism.

Preserving the Environment:

Singapore Airlines is implementing solutions to reduce its environmental footprint. It has a licensed Toxic industrial waste (TIW) that is used to remove and treat the waste before final disposal.

It also has implemented a comprehensive fuel efficiency program to control the emissions of harmful Carbon dioxide.

Singapore Airlines Values

The core values of Singapore Airlines are mentioned below-

  1. Pursuit of Excellence
  2. Safety
  3. Customer First
  4. Concern For Staff
  5. Integrity
  6. Teamwork

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main slogan of Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines started with the slogan-“A Great Way To Fly.” The slogan didn’t change over the years.

Did the mission statement of Singapore Airlines change over time?

No, the mission statement of Singapore Airlines has been the same ever since it started its journey.

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